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PORTALS is a new skateboard film documenting the life and times of the skateboarding community of STRASBOURG, FRANCE through the lens of Eric Mertz, one of its most passionate members. Check out PATHOS on Vimeo to see his latest production. PORTALS is 46 minutes long and features VIVIEN FEIL, LEO VALLS, ARTHUR KLAUSE,RONAN MOURAUD, ADRIEN LIOURE, PIERRE-LOUIS NAWROT, ALI JBILOU, DAN PARTOUCHE, LUCAS BORY, EDOUARD LEMERCIER, LOUIS AUCLAIR, GAUTHIER WERMUTH, MOSTAFA AJAMAY, CECILE ROUX-GOEKEN, BENJAMIN REISS, KARIM DHAINI, WILLIAM CROMER, SOUHIL DENECHE & ERIC MERTZ